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Passionate Rails developer (+ AngularJS)

Posted on Mar 07 by QuickMail (x-post)

2.5 years ago, I started QuickMail.io, an internet application that allows users to send automated emails as well as follow-ups if no reply is detected (super useful to help start-up and sales teams).

Today, the product is too big for me to be the only one working on it anymore and I need someone able to satisfy more users looking for cool stuffs. We are just a couple of dudes (1 support person and myself) working incredibly hard to satisfy our user base and we really could do with some skilled help. You'll be employee number #3 and the first developer hire.

If you love programming (it has to be your passion) and want to join a hard working small start-up that has zero bullshit in it, no investors to please and is focused 200% on having the user have the best experience possible, please consider applying.

Some of the challenges I face:

  • Our users love QuickMail.io (I just found out that our Net Promoter Score is above 8) but many find it confusing at start (something I plan on addressing this year with your help). This will require a few UX changes and may be a perfect place to get your marks.

  • So many cool improvements suggested but I don't have the bandwidth to do some that are aligned with the product direction. The magic word expected in the application form will be gem.

  • Improve code coverage and refactoring for bigger items (I had a period of high growth and could benefit from more refactoring in some parts of the code base).

  • We are using Ruby on Rails 3 & AngularJS 1.3.15, I had no time to evaluate the impact of a possible migration to the latest version yet.

You'll get the chance to work closely with me as a founder, and I do happen to have 18 years experience developing programs. I was Scrum master and lead a few small technical teams so you'll be in good hands (we are a tech company first and foremost).

These are 3 core values: https://quickmail.io/values/

Main role and initial responsibilities?

  • Improve code coverage
  • Implement UX changes
  • Brainstorm and help designing big items
  • Possible RoR migration

Your opinion on how to improve the process is not only valued but expected.

What I'm looking for

  • A passionate programmer
  • Excellent understanding of Ruby on Rails (2 years work experience)
  • Some experience with AngularJS
  • Database understanding (scalability and optimization...)
  • A person of action, self directed & self motivated
  • Have a webcam & stable internet.

I'm looking for someone responsible and reliable who enjoys solving technical puzzles in a self driven manner and can move things forward.

How to apply?

Fill in this form: https://goo.gl/forms/auysIGDbuCYE1oPo1