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Senior Visual Designer

Posted on Sep 28 by RealKey

RealKey is changing the way consumers and professionals buy a home and get a mortgage. Led by the best in the industry, you'll be part of the most disruptive technology in FinTech. We are looking for passionate leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit to help us grow the product and make RealKey an industry standard in real estate and finance. RealKey has a strategy and team to make our ambitious dreams a reality. We look forward to meeting our next dreamers and leaders to pioneer the future.

The person we're looking for will work with the Design and Executive teams to translate ideas, emotions, and actions into compelling visuals and stories.

What we would like you to show us throughout your journey:

  • Clear communication skills that you use to translate your ideas, visions, and needs into meaningful conversations with the team.
  • Absolute visual acuity. You understand the latest visual trends without letting them carry you away from your goals. You're able to account for and factor in the emotional weight and psychological value of your visuals.
  • Brand Consistency. You're able to explore new spaces of design innovation within the set boundaries of a well-established brand ecosystem, and could very well reshape that ecosystem from the ground-up if needed.
  • Story Telling. You understand that every design tells a story and you strive to be the best narrator for it. And you can show that.
  • Openness. You understand the value of sharing and confronting yourself with others. You believe that openness is the means through which we're able to achieve growth.
  • Natural curiosity. At the bottom of your heart, you're a scientist. You have the natural tendency to seek the unknown, question the known and you'll never take "Because I say so" for an answer.
  • History of remote experience. You are in the remote game, and you do it properly. You understand the struggles that it carries as well as the freedom it can provide and you have a history of going the extra mile for your teammates.

What we would like you to show us for the interview:

  • A portfolio. Online works are appreciated but not strictly necessary. We'll review things you produced and the stories behind them. You'll be answering questions like: How did you get to that design conclusion? What were you trying to communicate? What were some challenges?
  • Design Process. What processes have you worked with before? What has worked best for you? Why does a process matter to you at all?

Other pieces of information:

  • We'll need 3 references (2 peers, 1 leader; from past year)
  • We work remotely, so it would be nice to have you for at least 4 working hours every day overlapping with the rest of our design team.
  • Experience with tools like Adobe, Sketch, Zeplin, Invision and similar.
  • Proficiency in HTML/CSS would be nice
  • Experience with frameworks and concepts like emotional design, design for delight, material design and similar.

Compensation (commensurate with experience) $65K – $85K Share 0.1% – 0.5%

How to apply?

Please send your CV/Resume to careers@realkey.com along with your portfolio (as described above) and your answers to these questions:

- Why would you be a good fit for this position?
- What is visual design for you? What's your favorite process for visual design? Why does a process matter at all to you?
- Tell us a bit about a project you worked on in the past that failed even though you gave it your all. What went wrong? Why did it fail? What would you have done differently?
- Do you prefer to work certain hours? If so, please list them, including timezones.

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