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QA Engineer

Posted on Jan 29 by Instana

We are searching for a QA Engineer to help us build and test complex Enterprise software at a massive scale. Candidates will be exposed to unique distributed systems problems while building our test automation infrastructure, and be presented with significant new features to ensure every month. As part of a small team at a quickly growing startup, the role requires the ability to contribute widely and be involved establishing best practices.

Ideal Candidate:

For the position we expect Java experience, as well as understanding of systems engineering. Familiarity with NodeJS and/or Golang is desirable, and knowledge about QA-specific tooling like Selenium or modern DevOps tooling like Terraform is a big plus.

In addition, you will:

- Build reliable and scalable automated test systems

- Define and implement automated tests for new product features

- Work closely with our engineering team to design test suites

- Align with product management on test cases and expected behavior

Are you comfortable writing Jenkins jobs, small check tools or chatbots? Then come work for the most modern APM vendor in the field. Offices are available in Serbia (Novi Sad) and Germany (Munich + Solingen), but we also encourage full time remote positions!

About Instana:

As the leading provider of Application Performance Management solutions for containerized microservice applications, Instana applies automation and artificial intelligence to deliver the visibility needed to effectively manage the performance of today’s dynamic applications across the DevOps lifecycle. Founded by Application Monitoring veterans, Instana provides true AI-powered APM to help organizations deliver high performance applications today and in the future. Visit us at https://instana.com to learn more.

How to apply?

Please apply here: https://instana.breezy.hr/p/acb04ee4566a-qa-engineer

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