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Platform Design Manager

Hi there! We're looking for a Design Manager to help manage and grow our Platform Design Team at Zapier. Are you excited to foster a user-centered design culture in 100% remote company? Then keep reading!


About You

You put your teammate's and customer's needs first. You enjoy helping and enabling designers do great work. You set design strategy by aligning business strategy and our user's needs. You use data and user research to make human-centered design decisions. You challenge assumptions about what makes a design successful through encouraging divergent exploration and talking to users.


You're technically inclined. The Platform team is responsible for all of the apps on Zapier. Notably, we have over 1000 partners who create, test, launch, maintain, and improve apps on the Zapier platform – and add dozens every month. The Platform is unique inside Zapier. They have two users: the end-users who use the apps on Zapier and the developers/partners building the apps. Serving both users effectively requires getting to know some of the technical inner-workings to help your team design effective solutions.


You wear many hats. You are constantly learning and leveling up your management skills. You have the relevant design skills to build rapport with the Design Team. On a regular basis you can expect to be holding one on ones with designers, thinking through tricky design problems, reviewing design iterations, and helping prioritize design needs across the company that align with our business strategy.


You have experience hiring and managing UX Researchers and Designers. This isn't your first rodeo. You may not have hired or managed hundreds of people before, but you have hired, trained and managed before.


You love collaboration and feedback. You understand successful design doesn't happen in a vacuum or in secret. You believe in sharing work early, openly, and often. You enjoy working closely with Product Managers, Engineers, Data Scientists, and Customers to help make the Design Team's designs achieve effective results.


You know how design impacts development. You've built functional web apps before. You understand the technical complexities a design might introduce, and can work through them with your teammates. You don't believe in “tossing designs over the wall,” and would dread doing so.


Things You Might Do

Zapier is a small, fast-growing, and remote-first company, so you'll likely get experience on many different projects across the organization. That said, your primary goal is to help achieve better design outcomes and here are some things you'll probably do:


  • Hold weekly one on ones with members of the Platform Design Team (Product Designers and UX Researchers).
  • Build rapport with each member of the Platform Design Team and work hard to help them level up their skills
  • Collaborate with platform leadership to understand business strategy and apply it to your team's work
  • Work to serve developers, product managers, and business development teams at our 1000+ partner organizations
  • Collaborate across functions to help set roadmaps that will achieve business goals through design
  • Advocate for and teach design skills across the organization. Find ways to involve non-designers in the design process through design sprints and other creative means
  • Help champion our Zapier design standards and visual identity
  • Provide feedback on design solutions through wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes
  • Participate in user research and other experiments to inform design decisions
  • Give, seek, and receive thoughtful critical feedback
  • Give back to the community via open source, blog posts, and sharing design team work
  • Help recruit, onboard and train new Design Team members at Zapier
  • Help customers via All Hands Support to learn about Zapier and the product