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This job has been posted a while ago and might no longer be available.

Chief Marketing Officer

Our company develops and sells premium WordPress plugins. We are looking for a hands-on analytical and creative marketing expert who will lead a small team of smart people, plan and execute marketing strategies.


You will need to define different strategies for our different products, set up detailed marketing plans and implement them. You will report directly to the CEO


Your team will include a writer, a designer, and a front-end developer.


The most important aspect of your job will be to understand what our clients and prospects need and want, and make sure that they receive it. Your toolbox will include our websites, email campaigns, our long-time partners and social media. Every project that we run must always include reason, emotions and analytics.


You will need to lead initiatives, analyze data and show results.


Flexibility and very good interpersonal skills are needed to interact not only with other company members but also with outside partners and/or customers.


What’s required:

  • BSc degree in Marketing, Communications or relevant field
  • Proven experience in the sales process of an online business
  • Proven work experience as a VP of Marketing, Marketing Director or other senior roles.
  • Demonstrable experience designing and implementing successful marketing campaigns
  • Demonstrate your experience as a writer as (even though we have a content writer) you will also need to write marketing content
  • Solid knowledge of SEO, web analytics and Google Adwords
  • Strong analytical, leadership and project management skills
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Have some WordPress background
  • Be able to demonstrate results and drive revenue, have a strong drive for success

What your responsibilities will cover:

  • Plan sales funnels and execute them together with the development and documentation teams
  • Manage the creative design, content production and front-end implementation
  • Plan and execute email campaigns, including automation and analytics
  • Plan an SEO strategy and work with our documentation team to implement it
  • Promote product features to clients and make sure that clients get the most of our products
  • Collect client case studies and turn them into effective marketing material
  • Design, advertise and drive promotions
  • Set current and long-term goals for internal teams
  • Build relationships with media and stakeholders through creative PR strategies
  • Prepare regular reports and presentations on marketing metrics for the CEO
  • Conduct market analysis to identify challenges and opportunities for growth

As we live and breath in the WordPress ecosystem, we need candidates with proven experience in the Web space, highly fluent in WordPress, and with a strong will to drive growth for the business.


If you are interested, please apply and make sure to tell us why you are the ideal person.

How to apply?

Please, apply here https://www.onthegosystems.com/jobs/#chief-marketing-officer and make sure to stand out from the rest. Also, mention where you're located (European time zone is preferred but not essential).