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This job has been posted a while ago and might no longer be available.

JavaScript Developer

JavaScript Developer – Remote with top payment

Are you a top JavaScript Developer who wants to work remotely and get paid your global maximum salary? Then join us and work on exciting remote projects at a world-class distributed team!

About RemoteMore

At RemoteMore, we want to make it easy for everyone around the world to do meaningful, engaging work from anywhere. That’s why we connect the best remote developers and companies on a global level. The future of work is remote, let’s bring it to the present.

If you’re normally not applying for jobs, you’re exactly the type of person we’re looking for!

The position

The companies on our platform will be able to contact you for full-time remote positions - after you create your profile. To ensure that you get only interesting offers, we pre-screen all of the companies and candidates. For the companies, we approve only those that are (1) top-performing in their industry and (2) a good place to join as a remote developer.

You can expect to work in a distributed team at a top company. In those teams, typically the focus is on work done and not hours spent. The projects are interesting and challenging. You will have good colleagues to work together and grow professionally.

The positions are full-time, remote. You can work from home or anywhere else that you want!

Your profile

Coming from a strong developer background, you will be expected to have:

·        Top technical skills for your level of experience – you can be junior, intermediate or senior level.

·        The soft skills to work remotely: self-disciplined, strong individual contributor, good at communicating.

·        Passion to work remotely. You understand the pros and cons of remote work.

No requirements for formal education or location.


Why should you apply?

·        Work from anywhere you want.

·        Get paid your global maximum salary.

·        Be part of the top 5% remote developers.



 We want to make it easy for everyone around the world to do meaningful, engaging work from anywhere.