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Director of Growth

Groove is looking for our first Director of Growth to help us accelerate the growth of the best damn customer communication tools on the planet.

You may have heard of us from our Journey to $500K blog (in fact, we'd prefer if you have, or have at least read it before applying), or from seeing us in places like TheNextWeb, KISSmetrics, Buffer, Copyblogger, Hacker News or elsewhere around the web.

This gig is not for the unseasoned. We need someone who's been in the trenches with 5-7 years experience and a proven track record helping grow a B2B SaaS company. A leader, who can strategize with the best of them, and has a deep appreciation for problem solving and analytics. A leader with the fire to help us execute on our growth plan and move us along on our journey to 10MM in ARR. We've got a tight, scrappy, senior level team working to make our company scale.

We've put the time into talking with our customers and hitting product/market fit, and and need your help to step on the gas.



The Director of Growth is responsible for identifying our key buyer personas and making sure we have a complete picture of their journey with our company (via analytics) to define our growth plan. With this in hand, they are tasked with identifying the best opportunities for growth and collaborating with experiment leads to refine and execute tests to increase MRR.

With finite time and money, it also falls on the Director of Growth to prioritize our experiments and advertising budgets to maximize our return on investment.  They will also work continuously to improve the growth playbooks to make sure our processes our optimized and repeatable.

Finally with data at the core of all decisions, it is the Director of Growth’s job to make sure our tracking infrastructure is setup and working as expected. And that this data is available to the teams that need it.


The 3 Major Components

Define the growth plan/strategy
Coordinate and execute growth programs/prioritize growth initiatives 
Optimize the revenue funnel 


Top Level Responsibilities

Marketing Vision

  • Lock down markets & buying personas
  • Refining value message to customers
  • Identify new inbound channels
  • Know the customer journey inside and out
  • Define the growth plan/strategy

Manage & Build Growth Team

  • Manage timelines / roadmap
  • Setting team goals & metrics
  • Define hiring / onboarding process
  • Level up team by exposing to education and external specialists
  • Run 1-on-1’s with team

Allocate Growth Resources

  • Budgets across paid channels
  • Maximize impact of team’s hours

Brand Steward

  • Communicate brand internally 
  • Enforce consistency across marketing channels, app, and support (visual & voice)
  • Brand experience

Growth Ops & Analytics

  • Company wide infrastructure for tracking metrics
  • Make sure marketing metrics are tracked correctly
  • Manage selection & setup of tools
  • Data integration plan across tools
  • Design internal tools to automate marketing processes

Metrics Owned

  • MRR from New Accounts
  • Number of Trials
  • Unique Visitors to Marketing Site

Who you’ll work with

Andy Baldacci, Demand Lead - The Demand Lead would work with the Head of Growth to plan and execute tests of new channels, build out the playbook for those channels, then bring in a Channel Lead, e.g. SEO Lead, to execute and improve.


Ilia Markov, SEO Lead - The role of the SEO Lead is to generate sustainable organic growth in the SEO channel through research and optimization of content. They are responsible for running keyword research, identifying opportunities, and developing plans for how to group and target keywords to grow organic traffic.


Elen Veenpere, Content Creator - Responsible for creating quality content that assists overall growth goals: Blog posts, White papers, Content upgrades etc.


Matt Barby, Marketing Advisor (Director of Growth at Hubspot) - We meet with Matt every 2 weeks for 2 hours to talk marketing.




Experience working remotely is the only other requirement. You’ll be joining a completely remote team that knows remote. Meetings are kept to a minimum and everyone is left to get things done. Familiarity with Slack is a plus, and advanced-level Giphy skills will take you far.

If you’ve helped a fast-moving team win before and are ready to do it again, we want you on board. Our work impacts thousands of businesses around the globe, and we have our sights (very publicly) set on massive growth goals. If you think you can help us get there and are ready to join the family, email our CEO at alex@groovehq.com.

How to apply?

Send a resume to alex@groovehq.com along with a summary of a "day-in-the-life" at your last gig.