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Technical Product Lead

A new opportunity — Wanted: Tech Lead with Product Owner experience for growing company going places


Hi there,

My name is Kuty. I work with entrepreneur and speaker Michael Hagler.

Together we run a software development company that solves hard problems for enterprise grade companies - some are names you know, others are huge but you never noticed them.

Our clients include world leading logistics companies, billion dollar hedge funds, Hollywood Studios, leading Fintech organizations, as well as startups by ex-googlers and serial entrepreneurs. We’ve run over a dozen launches the past year alone, and projects keep getting more and more interesting!

Check us out here: http://Clevertech.biz

For the right person, this is a dream opportunity — and dream company. For others, the pace is daunting.

We are growing, and we’re looking for a tech lead who also knows how to lead and own a product. We have a team of over 125 but this position leads a single focused team of 3-7 dedicated developers to solve a tough problem for our clients — giving the right people a chance to shape what we do.


We’re looking for someone who is experienced in software development, has career successes under their belt, and now wants to apply all they’ve learned to the hard problems of today, while being 100% remote. On top of that, you have a great reason for wanting to be remote.

The right candidate has worked in larger organizations/super fast paced organizations and is familiar with the lay of the land of complex requirements from a multi-faceted management team. This person has taken a product from design to production and is well versed in the software architecture of the production landscape. Whether between projects or in a place where they’ve gotten all that they can out of their current position, the proposition of a new opportunity is one that excites them.


Our ideal candidate…

1) Has a strong background in software and product development

2) Is a capable manager

3) Is on the cutting edge of tech

4) Is empathetic to concerns of others


We’re a great company to join. Here’s why…


  • The company is growing and you will be getting in at the ground level. This is one of our most important positions, and crucial to making sure our next steps are the right ones.
  • We have an unbelievably engaged team, with world-class people in every position that continue to create accomplishments for our clients
  • We’ve got our ducks in a row. We have solid processes across the company that’ll allow you to start in fifth gear from day one.
  • Our clients are fantastic. We take on just the best with the most interesting puzzles and are incredibly selective in who we work with. We turn down projects daily, so we only focus on the best problems of the day.
  • We’re a remote company and you’ve the freedom to work from anywhere (preferably we’re looking for someone in the US, Canada or Western Europe, but open to candidates the world over).
  • We’re going places.
  • You want to try work at a place where you are racing to keep up, not waiting for your peers to catch you.

* To apply… For those who stand out, we will be in touch to discuss next steps. There’s no deadline for submissions, but those who apply sooner are at an advantage. If you haven’t heard from us within a week of writing, please assume that on this occasion you haven’t been selected for an interview. However, that might change any time.


It’s a fun journey, and we hope you can join us.

Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing from you.