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Senior Ruby Developer

If you’re any good at Ruby, the chance that you’re fiddling your thumbs at home, anxiously refreshing your inbox 20 times a minute hoping for a job offer, is rather slim. We know how it is.

Which is why we’ll try to sell ourselves to you here.

Ahum. Here it comes.


What makes the dev team at Silverfin special?

First of all, we build a hell of a product and our customers love us. Even our customers’ customers love us. Silverfin solves a very real problem: it automates a large chunk of the repetitive tasks that people working in financial services spend their time on, and improves communication with their customers.


To give you a sense of scale: our database doesn’t fit on a 1TB SSD anymore*, and our largest table has 5 billion rows. We interface with more than 30 different external APIs, and provide third parties an API of our own.


We’re a remote-first engineering team with an office in Ghent which you can visit if you’d like. Still, most of us work remotely, even those who are local. We’re based all over Europe, and without Slack we’d be lonely, now we just zap in and out of the zone as we wish. Or not: we encourage judicious use of the DnD function, and recommend async communication over disturbing synchronous pings.


We’d be really happy to welcome you in our #dev channel, but it’s not just virtual: we make sure we regularly get to see each other IRL too. Twice a year we fly the whole engineering team together to a different location in Europe.


What does working at Silverfin look like?

We work in small focussed teams of around 5 people, each team taking ownership of a part of the application. When developing new features, the team is responsible for both the backend as well as the frontend part.

You’ll be supported by our crazy good UI designer who writes HTML and CSS components into a reusable UI-kit, and even builds Vue prototypes where necessary, handling compatibility problems with different browsers for you, and making sure everything is responsive too.

On the other side of the spectrum is our genius devops team who keeps things running smoothly, making sure deploys happen correctly, and will work with you when issues should arise.


Our stack is Vue.js and vanilla JS with a sprinkling of jQuery on the frontend and an up-to-date Rails monolith on the backend. We use PostgreSQL and Redis for persistence and caching, and everything is running on a Kubernetes cluster in Google Cloud. We use Gitlab, Basecamp, Confluence and Slack for everyday tasks and Zoom as our remote conferencing tool of choice. No code gets deployed without a thorough code-review by a peer, testing is a must, our sprints are called cycles and last 3 weeks, and sometimes we even finish everything that we committed to in time.


What are we looking for?

We’re looking for somebody who’s really great at developing in Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

  • You need to be experienced in both Ruby and Rails, and also know where the boundaries lie between them. You need to be able to code in Ruby without any of Rails’ training wheels.
  • You enjoy mentoring juniors and giving in-depth feedback during code reviews.
  • You code with reason and can justify the important decisions you made during development.
  • You know and apply best practices. That means the usual like version control, testing, and refactoring; but also good object oriented design, SRP, SOLID, ...
  • You’ve got opinions on code design and you can defend them, but you’re professional enough to not let those opinions get in the way of a consensus if necessary.
  • You have good knowledge and foresight of potential performance issues that might arise when working with large datasets.


What we offer

  • Proper work-life balance
  • Free to choose your own schedule and work remotely
  • A stimulating work environment with passionate colleagues
  • Team retreats twice a year
  • A €1000 yearly budget to visit conferences of your choice



  • You have at least 4 years of experience working with Ruby and have the battle scars to prove it.
  • You grok Rails
  • Your work hours overlap with EU business hours (we require your local timezone to be within CET +/- 3h)


Good to have

  • Some experience with Javascript (ES6) and frontend frameworks
  • Experience in Fintech
  • Accounting knowledge


*: Our devops team noted that this actually isn’t that hard to achieve if you’re indexing all the things, but it still sounds impressive, right?

How to apply?

Interested to join our Dev team? Apply true https://boards.greenhouse.io/silverfin/jobs/4005625002 If you're more of a Full-Stack Developer, click here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/silverfin/jobs/4035048002