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Site Reliability Engineer

Hello from the Philippines, India, Spain and the road!


We're a bunch of different characters from around the world, and we're looking for one more person: Are you an SRE, half sysadmin, half coder? Someone, who believes in infrastructure as code, even if reality is sometimes different? Not a drone closing tickets, but a passionate engineer who loves to solve problems together, who's got well-founded opinions and enough experience to be convinced of better options. You should have this inherent urge to automate things, but you'll also SSH somewhere and hack bash if needed.


Our mission at engageSPARK is to let businesses and NGOs interact with anyone, anywhere. Because we use SMS, Voice, FB and other channels, you don't need to have internet or even a smartphone, to apply for a job or get weather news.

Read more about us and our social mission: https://www.engagespark.com/about/


What you'll do?


Job descriptions only go so far. In the end, it's what you believe and what you can do that will make the difference and define your role. Some thoughts:

• Focus on the infrastructure side of engageSPARK: deployments, tools, monitoring, alerting, etc.

• Enjoy your vacations! Because you made sure everything's documented and skills and access are redundant.

• If you're interested in coding: Code & improve components so they better fit into the infrastructure.

• Whatever you think is necessary.


Tech you should be familiar with or at least interested in:

• Deployment: k8s, docker, AWS, Google Cloud, Jenkins, Ubuntu, Ansible. Networking on HTTP, TCP and UDP level.

• The apps: Python, Golang, JavaScript / webapps

• VoIP stack: SIP, RTP, Asterisk/FreeSWITCH, Kamailio


Read more about the job here: https://www.engagespark.com/careers/site-reliability-engineer/


Remote working: We're changing a lot and often to make it work for everyone. To do that, you should regularly be somewhere in Africa, Asia, Europe or Oceania, i.e. the timezone area UTC+14 to UTC - 2. For more details about remote working at engageSPARK, read here:


How to apply?

Send your who and why to jobs@engagespark.com