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Javascript Tech Lead


Clevertech is looking for a Tech Lead to join our worldwide team. At Clevertech the tech lead is responsible for the entire project from coordinating with the client to managing the 3-6 developers, designers and devops assigned to the project.

Do you have the maturity, flexibility and enthusiasm to run a sophisticated project from development to production for application that effect millions of people's lives?

You set the mood on the team. Not only internally but also with our clients. You get excited about getting the best out of team member and have demonstrated successful product launches.



  • 7+ years of experience in software development teams. New tools are great, but fundamentals of data structures, design patterns, and programming practices are what deliver projects.
  • Has led a product meeting that has technical implications with Fortune 500 executives sitting around a conference room table
  • Deep knowledge of Javascript and can pick up a new language easily if required
  • Must have accomplishments that showcase your capabilities.
  • Excellent self-starter who collaborates effectively with all stakeholders, and has the ability to work in a fast-paced team.



Own Your Time

We are a completely remote team. That means we have a large amount of trust and a lot of flexibility. World travellers, young parents, nature lovers, and commute avoiders love working here. We also will pay for a co-working space in case you feel like working outside of your normal setting.


Recharge Time

We insist that you take recharge time. We are closed for major holidays and then require that you take at least two weeks a year to refresh.


Care For Yourself

You’ll receive a health/wellness monthly stipend that goes towards covering medical insurance, dental insurance, or joining a gym!


Focused Work

You will work together on a dedicated team with your eye on one finish line at a time. Our teams are nimble and agile, and cover the technical range you would expect in world class product delivery teams.


Learn at your edges

We believe in learning and provide unique programs that improve your tech skills, leadership skills and even challenge you in personal development. CleverFridays, guest speakers, mentorship opportunities and in-depth industry exposure are all on offer here.


And of course, if you speak at a tech conference, we cover all expenses.


Clevertech Swag

And keep your eye on the mail - we send out swag everywhere in the world and there are celebratory pictures of Clevertech socks, hoodies, and mugs all over slack.


Want to learn more about Clevertech and the team? Check out why.clevertech.biz.