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This job has been posted a while ago and might no longer be available.

Digital Ops Position

Hey! Welcome to Bumblebee. We are a remote team building several brands. We have loads of ecommerce sites, but no dedicated digital ops person devoted to keeping them running perfectly and looking beautiful. That needs to change!


We have all these ecommerce sites. We’re using WordPress + Woocommerce. We all know our way around a website, how to customise a theme and put a landing page together. But we do not have anyone with the skills to make our sites really purr or put out fires when they (inevitably) happen. Right now we’re still getting our tech & dev help from freelancers, but it’s way past time to take it inhouse.


We are a distributed team, and this position is remote. So long as you can be there and when we need you, and communicate with people in the GMT + 8 and GMT + 2, we don’t care where you’re based.


Who we’re looking for

We are looking for a digital & front end dev HERO who will be passionate about identifying, tracking down and annihilating site bugs, keeping our sites purring like kittens and just generally be a hero when shuff goes down and the site has a problem, usually in the middle of a sale.

We need you proactively care-take our sites, work with the team, come up with creative solutions and really know what you’re doing to make an ecommerce site perform.

We ALSO need you to go into hulk mode when needed.


Here’s who you need to be & what you need to have:

  • Knowledge of woocommerce (and wordpress) inside and out. Familiarity with common plugins used with woo, understanding of how woo works (and common problems).
  • OCD level dedication about resolving issues when they strike. If you aren’t talking to us IN CAPS ABOUT THE WEBSITE CRASH you don’t care enough.
  • Right now we are using Flatsome theme – experience with Flatsome or at least ability to get familiar with it and get the best out of it essential. Ability to work with marketing to build landing pages & fiddle around endlessly until those landing pages look perfect on desktop and mobile and will convert well and pay the bills.
  • Ability to go through a website and identify things like images that are rendering badly, sale flashes that aren’t positioned right, pages that are loading slowly, pages that look wrong on mobile, etc and not be satisfied until you have got them tidied up & looking right.
  • Ability to communicate with a remote team including people in GMT +2 (Europe) and GMT + 8 (Asia).


This position will go to someone with ecommerce experience, with woocommerce experience, who understands websites from both a technical and marketing perspective and who is fanatical about website performance.


Why this position is perfect for you

  • We are remote.
  • We are fun.
  • We have been around 7 years, and will you give you a stable, long-term position so you can do what you do best and have a great life.
  • Our products help people (really!) and we are nice.


If you feel like you fit the bill, hit apply. Good luck!