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Devops Engineer (Deployment / Security / Data Management)

Hazy is a low touch SAAS that helps people use data whilst treating it responsibly. We're looking for a generalist devops engineer to focus on deployment infrastructure, security and data management.


This is a mid-level to senior role for an experienced developer who is comfortable as both a solutions architect and a reliability engineer. Our ideal candidate is a "secops" geek, i.e.: passionate about both devops and security and the interplay between them.


We currently have a variety of services developed in Elixir, Go and Python/Cython deployed on Google Cloud Platform using Terraform and Kubernetes. We need to both move to a multi-cloud setup so that we're also deployed on AWS and Azure and package our service for on-premise deployment. Both of which raise some fun architectural and operational challenges.


We have a data pipeline backed by Apache Pulsar that processes ongoing streams of raw and anonymised data. Data is encrypted using keys managed in Hashicorp Vault. We've implemented scoped access control and network security / service isolation. This infrastructure and security design needs to be reviewed, verified, hardened and improved on an ongoing basis.


We also handle sensitive data sets and have long term challenges around data throughput, durability, visibility and optimised AI/ML evaluation.


We envisage that you're a generalist developer who enjoys focusing on devops and infrastructure automation. Your skills and experience naturally span across:

  • backend web development
  • unix system administration
  • containers and build systems
  • cloud deployment infrastructure
  • application and network security
  • service architecture


It's essential that you have experience running and maintaining production systems. You should also be strongly motivated by privacy and data ethics.


We're a remote-first team with headquarters in London. You can be based in London or work remotely. If you're remote, you ideally need to be based in Europe and you must be willing to travel to the UK to meet up face-to-face on a regular basis.

How to apply?

Send me (James - CTO) an email on thruflo@hazy.com with (1) your CV and / or profile links and (2) a brief explanation of why you're interested in the role.