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Help and Support Specialist

(EU timezone)

# Our Story
In short, Security Roots helps make the Internet safer. We work with IT security professionals and ethical hackers to help them find security holes and vulnerabilities in systems before the bad guys do.

There is a lot of creativity and innovation involved in findings those holes. Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games, in order for their “findings” to be useful, they need to document their results, track progress, notify stakeholders, review mitigations implemented, verify, re-test, etc. There is a lot of overhead involved in the process.

Surprising no one, IT Security experts like the fun and games but don’t like the overhead/ back-office stuff. That’s where we come in, we exist to make the life of IT Security professionals easier, better, more enjoyable by making all of these overhead tasks easier and more painless.

We've been in business for 5 years, completely self-funded and profitable. Today, we serve over 440 Infosecurity teams across 37 different countries.

# What’s the opportunity?
We’re looking to hire our 6th full-time employee, a Help & Support specialist.
In this role, you will learn a ton and be part of a small, global, and user-centered company. You’ll work with our existing (small but mighty) support team and even report directly to Daniel Martin, the founder.

You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of 100s of hackers. Plus, as part of a small team, you will will have a lot of choice about what to work on, and there are still a lot of untapped opportunities for you to grow as the company does.


That’s our founder, Daniel, presenting on the conference floor.

# What's in it for you?

  • Work anywhere – We're 100% remote.
  • Flexible work hours - Provided you have reasonable overlap with the team (roughly within EU/US Eastern business hours).
  • Great salary – You will be making more than others in your region.
  • Flexible vacation – Take time off when you need it, we trust you (no less than 4 weeks each year).
  • No external pressures - Our users are king, we do what's best for them. We're self-funded, and don't have any investors, so we can make the right decisions for our customers without worrying about artificial deadlines or financial targets.
  • Autonomy – You will be given a lot of freedom to do what you think is right, without needing to explain every decision.
  • Meaningful work – You will take initiative and ownership to see things through to completion. We won't micro-manage you. And your work will be measured by your results.
  • You will have great hardware and tools to work with.
  • Company retreats.

# What we are looking for

We're looking for an experienced Support professional with some experience in a technical position (e.g. can read a stack trace without fear) who is comfortable in a 100% remote team and is self-driven.

This is a full-time position for the right candidate and it has an immediate start date. Work 100% remotely (although you need to have a home base - i.e. no perma-travellers this time, sorry!).

You'll be a trusted and key member of our team, and this is (some of) what you'll end up doing on a day-to-day basis:

  • Troubleshooting technical issues in Dradis and helping our developers diagnose bugs. Yes, digging into the stack traces and the source code directly.
  • Acting as the bridge between our users and the product team. As someone on the front line, your understanding of the product and our users is incredibly valuable. You'll regularly chat with the both to make sure we're getting things right.
  • Creating and updating custom Word reports. You'll be a master of Word's Developer tools in no time if you aren't already!
  • Enhancing and growing our online documentation tools.


# This position might be for you if:

  • You've held a remote position before, or you've held a similar position of responsibility in a traditional organisation but now are looking to improve your work-life balance.
  • You are a well-rounded individual, work is not everything in life, you may have a family and social life. You work hard when it's work time and are able to switch off when it isn't.
  • You're comfortable communicating with others verbally and in writing. Our team is spread across the world, and so are our clients.
  • You are organised, like to be on top of your responsibilities and don't let things slip through the cracks. You will be sure to include the name of your favourite tv series as part of your application.
  • You have a knack for technology. This isn't a developer position but we're looking for someone who has a basic undersatnding of the basics like HTML/CSS and a little bit of scripting / coding (Ruby on Rails is a plus). A background in Information Security wouldn't hurt either.
  • You believe in giving back to the community. We started with an open-source project and to this day we remain firm believers of open-source and giving back. Part of what you will be creating with the team will be released as open-source.

How to apply?

1. Read more about what's like to work with us: https://dradisframework.com/careers/
2. Check out our community forum: http://discuss.dradisframework.org/
3. Learn more about the team: https://dradisframework.com/story.html
4. Read more about this Help & Support Specialist opening: https://dradisframework.com/careers/openings/help_and_support.html