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Backend Software Engineer

Smartbnb is a bootstrapped company whose core product currently helps short-term rental businesses manage and automate over 60,000 properties. We are a growing team of 6 people with plans to expand rapidly by the end of 2018.

With multiple new product launches on the horizon and several more planned before the end of the year, you will be joining the company at a time of explosive growth. Your presence will have a very real impact on the company’s value.

We are looking for a Backend Web Developer to join our tech team’s efforts to supercharge our PHP web application. You will be working directly with Pierre-Camille, our founder, who developed the original product from scratch, as well as with all members of the tech, marketing, and success teams.

Our company is fully distributed and remote. We believe and fully embrace that your best environment is wherever you - personally - feel the most productive and comfortable for day-to-day work. Nevertheless, we organise frequent meetups and retreats for the team to physically meet throughout the year. The last two trips were to Lisbon/Cascais and Paris!


⭐️ What you will do: ⭐️

• You will be an architect: planning structural masterpieces, laying foundations, building pillars, and reinforcing walls. Maybe a statue here and there...

• You will be in charge of drastically improving multiple features for our web app, helping to developing new product lines, as well as improving and maintaining the quality of the entire codebase.

• You will be a leader in performance (logic optimisation, indexes, queries, caching), security (discovering and plugging vulnerabilities), and code health (refactoring, unit and integration testing).

• You will take charge of your own work and proactively suggest improvements across the whole backend.

• In a remote environment you will be responsible for your own time and results – there will be no babysitting.


✅ What you will need to succeed: ✅

Nutcracker: you love solving engineering problems.

Independent: you are self-motivated, take initiative, and are a strong communicator. You are results-driven and willing to learn and improve yourself.

Technical Ninja: proficiency with PHP 7.0+, Laravel 5.2+, MySQL, Git, beanstalkd, and Memcached and/or Redis, backed by 5+ years of Backend development experience.

Design Pattern Jedi: great knowledge of and direct experience with multiple design patterns. You have written superbly abstracted code and accompanying unit tests from scratch. You have also refactored legacy, non-testable code into something less apocalyptic.

Caring Developer: you recognise that your code and work impact not only the customers but also the rest of the team. You conduct yourself with professionalism and respect not only in meetings but also in how you structure your code and in the documentation that you write.

Superb English fluency: we are an international team and clear communication is vital. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that you absolutely must have the ability to participate in frequent video meetings.

• The product team is based in Europe, so at the moment we are looking for developers who are based within the same general time zones (UTC±3). 


🍰 Brownie points: 🍰

• You have experience with Continuous Integration using Travis, Circle, Gitlab, or Bitbucket.

• Interactive Git rebasing doesn’t sound like voodoo to you.

• You’ve used 🐬🤯🔥in Git commit messages.

• You have experience with Machine Learning either with off-the-shelf tools like Dialog Flow or - better yet - more low level using tools and platforms like Theano, Torch, and Google/AWS/Microsoft/IBM ML stacks.

• You’ve built a Node.JS backend or API.

• You see past the glossy veneer of the ‘microservices’ buzzword and know when and how to build them.

(Let us know how many 🍰 you deserve.)


🎉 What we offer: 🎉

• Competitive salary, including the possibility of stock options.

• Ample paid leave, in addition to maternity and paternity leave.

• A great support structure: we are here for you.

• Flexible contract. You will work independently where you are most productive and happiest, with flexible weekday hours.

• All the resources and tools that you need to succeed 

• Join a fast-growing startup and be part of the force that shapes the company in the years to come!


We are solving global short-term rental automation. Are you in?

How to apply?

Ideally, apply through Angelist: https://angel.co/smartbnb/jobs/386570-backend-software-engineer-remote-europe

Alternatively, send us an email with your CV or résumé and anything else that you feel would be [ir]relevant (a haiku would make us smile) to: hello@smartbnb.io