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Marketing Hero, Growth Hacker, Head of Marketing

We’re a SaaS B2B platform within graphic design industry. Clients are ranging from small 5 person design agency to large corporates with 10,000 employees. We’ve got 50,000 users from more than 100 countries logging in every year.


- We expect you to write short SoMe updates, short email newsletter texts etc on your own, with a professional language and a fun vibe. You’ll search for, find, interview and hire freelancer content writers for longer blogs posts, when needed.

- In charge of a monthly Marketing schedule

- You are familiar with full SaaS user journey from anonymous website visitor, to known signup, to a lead, to onboarding and the constant goal of keeping churn at a minimum. 

- Make sure we’re mentioned on forums, quora, linkedin etc.

- Analyze and optimize on a continuous basis. You are always aware of possible improvements and not afraid to test new ideas.

- Up-to-date on marketing and sales channels and you are not afraid of testing new methods in the hunt for more leads and conversions.

- You are expert in AdWords, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and you love Spreadsheets. You are familiar or have heard of with Capterra, AdRoll, Trello, CRM, Zapier, Optimizely, Intercom, Appcues etc.

- You work on your own and can work with tight deadlines for urgent stuff. Sometimes we need immediate 24 hour reaction from idea to publish of a new fun marketing idea :-)


* Being ambitious, doing competitor keyword analysis and do our best to beat them. 


- Always keep an eye for improvement and always being on top of the statistics. Example: If we had 8% open rate in the previous email campaign, we should aim for 10% next email campaign...measure, measure, measure, learn, modify and try again. Fail fast, fail cheap.

- We need someone that can deal with short deadlines and will have swiss army knife knowhow, so eg. he can set up a new marketing email, write catchy email content, throw simple light marketing graphics together and push send to this email 24 hours later. 

- Light Photoshop design capability are a plus, so we're not in need of a designer everytime graphics needs to be made.

- You are always striving to be better and you read online marketing blogs such as NeilPatel.com and SujanPatel.com and similar guys. 

- You have +3 years SaaS marketing experience within B2B


Tools we use today:

CMS (webflow.io)

Blog (wordpress.com)

Email newsletters (mailchimp.com)

Onboarding (Intercom)

Paid Traffic (AdWords, AdRoll, Facebook)

SEO (optimize organic Google traffic)

Analyze (Analytics, Hotjar)

Support (Zendesk, Intercom)


We look forward hearing back from you :-)

How to apply?

1. Tell me your first month approach to this job? 2. What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why? 3. What part of this project most appeals to you? 4. Which of the required job skills do you feel you are strongest at? Send your reply to job@webproof.com