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Customer Success Manager

At HelpDocs we build knowledge base software that helps companies of all sizes scale their support. We serve 25+ million pages a month for Fortune 500 companies down to fledgling 2-people-in-a-garden-shed startups (true story).


We're making knowledge bases (traditionally dull and unloved) into something you actually want to update. One that helps to reduce churn and increase customer happiness.


We're a remote, bootstrapped, profitable team of three that's growing fast. All organically with zero paid advertising spend. One of the keys to our growth is outstanding customer support. That's where you come in.


As the first in our Customer Success team you'll be working closely with the rest of the team to resolve customer concerns (or triage them to someone that can). You'll also be proactively reaching out to customers (past, present and future) to make sure they're getting the most out of HelpDocs.


Because of the technical nature of our product you'll need to deal with complex requests. You'll need to be comfortable with CSS and HTML at a minimum, preferably some Javascript experience too. Plus strong communication and interpersonal skills to relay information to non-technical users in an engaging fashion.


You'll find we're a very flexible, non-traditional company. We believe we'll ultimately succeed by building the best product on the market, not by forcing bad product on people with a huge sales team. And we can't build the best product without amazing people.



About the role



Support existing customers

  • We support customers through live chat, email and social media. You'll live in tools like Front, Slack and Intercom
  • Our customers are sometimes developers, sometimes not. You'll often need to help them out with a code snippet or some general debugging.
  • If (when 😭) customers report bugs, you'll help triage and report them to our engineers in language they understand.
  • ...and if something goes seriously wrong you'll help to communicate that with customers in-app and on social media.
  • Despite having thousands of users all over the world and a fully remote team, a large portion of our customers are based in the US. You'll need at least some overlap with US working hours. We'll show a preference to applicants in GMT-8 -> GMT+4 timezones for this role.


Help our customers succeed

  • We want everyone to have an amazing experience with HelpDocs. You'll help by reaching out to our existing users to make sure they're enjoying using the product.
  • ...that extends to trials too, so you'll also use manual messages and automated outreach to engage brand new users. Work out if they're a great fit, and if not help them find a better solution.
  • We get product suggestions all the time. You'll field and collate product ideas, making sure the team sees what customers want / need / like / dislike
  • When we launch new features you'll work closely with marketing to design educational content and resources, then help share that with all our users.
  • You'll get to know our users personally, and work out whether they'd be a good fit for something we're working on (like new features, beta testing groups, webinars 👇)
  • You'll help organize and lead webinars (owned and co-branded), customer 1-on-1s, and demos


Be a HelpDocs Pro

  • We use HelpDocs as our primary method of ticket deflection. It's our first line of defence against the swathe of tickets we get each day. You'll help by...
  • ...keeping our existing articles up to date (we have features to help!)
  • ...writing new articles whenever you encounter something in another support channel that would help more than one customer
  • ...testing new features before the rest of our users
  • ...letting us know how you think we could improve the product. We thrive off feedback and constant iteration.



About you



  • You're fluent (like a native) in English. Bonus points if you speak a second language. Extra bonus points if that's French, German, Spanish, Dutch or Chinese.
  • You have excellent written communication skills
  • You have at least some skill with debugging and writing CSS, Javascript and HTML, plus a working knowledge of your browser's developer tools
  • You're able to distil complex topics in simple language to non-technical users, and hold your own conversing with developers
  • You're compassionate, and understand that all our users are amazing, even if they currently think you're an asshole
  • You're not afraid of wearing multiple hats, and getting your hands dirty in different areas of the business
  • You thrive on feedback, positive and negative, and are constantly working to be the best you can be
  • You're happiest (and preferably have experience in) working remotely. Bonus points if you love to travel.
  • You have right to work in the UK (if you want to be officially employed) or you live literally anywhere else and are happy taking care of your own taxes (you'll be retained as a full-time consultant)
  • You have a personality and you're not afraid to show it. 🦄✨



About HelpDocs



  • You'll be working a lot with the founders (we're pretty awesome, so that's a perk 😇).
  • We're bootstrapped, profitable and remote. You'll get to learn how all that works.
  • Transparent internal metrics and goals. We'll share (nearly) everything with you from day 1.
  • The whole team is friendly, approachable, and inclusive to all.
  • Annual(ish) team retreat. We're currently planning our second team retreat of the year to Panama in November. Our last retreat was Madrid in February.
  • We'll provide whatever software equipment you need to do your job successfully
  • Flexible vacation policy. Technically we offer 28 days to all employees, but we're not counting. If you need time, take it. Then come back and do great work. 💪



Final notes



If you're amazing at the role, there's room to grow in your existing role, in Success in general, or move to another role entirely. We're pretty flexible.


Before you apply you'll need to create a demo HelpDocs account and play with the product. Make something cool for a side project, or (without copyright infringement) for a company you admire. If you hate the product now, that's cool, but stop here 😔


We're looking for someone to start as soon as possible. We'll be in touch with everyone that applies to either chat more (on Slack or by email), or to let you know you're not quite what we're not quite what we're looking for, within a couple weeks.