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This job has been posted a while ago and might no longer be available.

Customer Support Specialist

We’re looking for an enthusiastic friendly person to join our growing remote Support Team, specifically in Europe or similar timezones (we don’t want any heroes willing to work at 2am as we think sleep is important!). Your role will be broad and will include writing documentation and helping Qwilr customers navigate our product and troubleshoot.


The Day-to-Day

  • You would primarily be answering support questions for our European customers. This is mainly email based, but may be extended to chat or phone support in the future.
  • Writing user documentation and creating helpful videos so our customers can find answers 24/7.
  • Troubleshooting technical issues. If you like solving puzzles, software support is endlessly fun!
  • Contribute customer feedback. At Qwilr the customer’s voice matters and everyone working with customers is able to help funnel that feedback right back into the product.
  • The timezone you work in should reasonably allow you to work till 7pm GMT (or BST depending on the time of year) to help cover support hours on the east coast of North America as well.
  • You will have the opportunity to come to Australia at least once a year to spend a week or two at our Sydney HQ.  Although you’re working remotely, you’re no less part of the team and time together is precious.


About YOU

  • You’re early in your support career. We’re specifically looking for someone a bit more junior. Our Support Team overall is staffed with senior level folks who can teach and mentor you as you learn more about the tech industry and Qwilr in particular. We’re not looking for a ton of tech industry or technical support experience, though some experience working in a customer-facing role is required.
  • You have excellent command of English. We don't mind where you are based as long as it’s a European timezone (one or two hours off GMT), but you must have excellent written and spoken English skills.  Great writing skills are a must.   *If you speak other European languages that would be a nice bonus. 
  • You're empathetic to customers and can easily put yourself in their shoes. You realize that not everyone has the same skill set and that people sometimes make mistakes. You make customers feel empowered after interacting with support and not stupid because of a small mistake.
  • You love solving problems. While Qwilr works hard to make the software easy to understand, sometimes customers want to do things that take a bit of thinking or they’ll run into a bug. We’re looking for someone who loves solving puzzles and can help figure out the best way forward to get a customer back up and running.
  • You have clear routines and structure.  Qwilr's support team is entirely remote and stretched all across the world. Remote working means you will need a high degree of organisation and self-leadership in the way you manage your day efficiently without having other people around.

How to apply?

The "Apply" button and more details on our hiring process for this role can be found here: http://jobs.qwilr.com/o/customer-support-specialist-europe Stay awesome.