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Front-End Developer ("Domain Owner")

Can you create advanced JavaScript applications from scratch? Does writing maintainable JS and CSS come natural to you?

Poor execution is an epidemic these days — if you hate buggy user interfaces and lousy implementations as much as we do, and you know how to implement complex user interfaces with clean JS and CSS, then we should probably talk.

Baymard Institute is a small independent e-commerce UX research organization. Our research is published as design guidelines and benchmark databases on our web platform and public website (i.e. baymard.com) — it is these two “delivery vehicles” for Baymard’s research that you’ll spend 85% of your time working on.

You’ll essentially be responsible for the execution of Baymard’s end-user experience — making our research a pleasure to use for the thousands of web professionals that rely on it, all the way from the independent freelance web designer to the UX Director of a Fortune 500 company.


-- What You’ll Be Building --

A good example of the type of interfaces you’ll be building (from scratch) in this position would be something like this page (and all its components): 



In particular worth noting here:

  • The colored annotation pins overlaid the screenshot, the diagonally drawn lines connecting each pin to a card, and of course the cards placed on both sides of the screenshot — and how these cards position themselves to avoid overlaps, including dynamic repositioning upon opening / closing
  • The modal overlay with a background page which is lazy-loaded. In other words, the background page content is not present in the HTML markup on page load — instead, it is dynamically fetched after the overlaid page has loaded to provide additional page context without slowing down initial page load.
  • How all other pages in the overlay navigation “carousel” are pre-fetched (also in the background) so that when the user begins to navigate through the next / previous page examples, they appear instantaneously rather than having to download first.
  • The overlay invokes URL changes without a page reload, supports native browser back-button behavior, and allows the user to navigate via keyboard controls (next + prev + esc buttons).


If you’re able to build interfaces like this from scratch, and can do so in a maintainable and extensible fashion such that new functionality can be added over time without everything falling apart, and (perhaps most importantly) that you enjoy such challenges — then you’ll be the perfect candidate.


-- Qualifications --

Specifically, we’re looking for candidates who know:

  • JavaScript – Excellent JS skills are required for this role. You must be able to write advanced features and functionality from scratch, and do so in a maintainable and extensible fashion (as your future self and others will need to build on top of the things you’re building today).
  • CSS – You should be confident writing CSS for complex UIs, comfortable with front-end strategies such as progressive enhancement, and care about how different features impact browser performance.
  • Design – While we’re definitely not looking for a graphic designer, you should be curious about design and how it shapes users’ perceptions, and enjoy thinking through and tweaking the user interfaces you’re building to achieve the best possible end-user experience.
  • Interest in UX and e-commerce is a bonus, but no experience or skills are necessary in this area as you’ll work with (and have the option to be trained by) the best in the industry.


We furthermore expect you to be fluent in english, comfortable working remotely via digital platforms and willing to do a few yearly travels for team meetups (expect 2-3 weeks of travel each year).


-- About the Job --

At Baymard you’ll be working alongside a team of dedicated usability researchers that conduct cutting-edge e-commerce research used by UX teams at some of the biggest brands in the world (clients include Amazon, Home Depot, Nike, Lenovo, Etsy, etc). Your job will be building out and refining the front-end parts of Baymard’s web platform, the “delivery vehicle” for all of this UX research.


  • Work – Your primary responsibility will be executing the end-user experience of Baymard’s web platform (i.e. the “delivery vehicle” for all of our research). In practice, this means you will be taking UX designs and prototypes, and turn them into production-ready front-end features that can be integrated into our back-end application.
  • Team – Most of Baymard’s 10-people team are UX researchers who don’t know any code. In fact, only two other people on the team are familiar with JS and CSS, and they are by no means experts — so you will be the “owner” of our front-end domain. You must therefore enjoy taking the lead in front-end development efforts, and be ready to learn any new skills required to tackle the challenges that inevitably arise as we push the boundaries of browser tech in pursuit of the best possible user experience for our customers.
  • Technology – You’re free to use the latest JS and CSS features since a) legacy browser support isn’t a major concern of ours, b) we apply most UI functionality as progressive enhancements anyways so lack of support doesn’t result in a broken end-user experience, and c) we use Webpacker and Babel to compile and transpile everything. So go ahead and use your favorite ES6, 7, and 8 features.
  • Remote – We want to work with the smartest and most dedicated people around the world, and all of our positions are therefore open to full-time remote work. In other words, you are welcome to work with us from any location you prefer (which 70-80% of our employees do). If you want to, you’re of course also welcome to work in our Copenhagen-based office (or a mix!).


Salary: in accordance with qualifications.

Start date: as soon as possible, at latest before the end of 2018.


-- How to Apply --

If you’re interested in this position please send the following (listed in order of importance):


  • Samples of front-end code and features you’ve implemented, or helped implement (please indicate your level of involvement).
  • (If applicable) Samples of user interfaces you’ve designed or been involved in designing (please indicate your level of involvement).
  • Other information you find relevant (life principles, work habits, work experience, interests, CV, ..).


Note: open-source contributions are excellent code samples – simply send along / point us towards whatever “work” you feel best represents your skills.


Send the above to info+mq4w5k@baymard.com


Deadline is August 31, 2018. All applications and materials are kept strictly confidential.


-- Key Work Values at Baymard --

The following work values are central to us at Baymard and hopefully gives you an idea of our culture and what working at Baymard is like:


  • Flat organization – Baymard is a small organization of just ~10 people. This means zero management layers between you and final decision. You’ll have direct access to and impact on decision making.
  • Lots of responsibility – From day 1 (OK, maybe day 2) you will be working on final products or services. We believe the best way to learn is to work an actual products and challenges, supplemented with rich ‘early feedback’.
  • Long-term focus – Decisions are always based on their long term impact. We’re not interested in hunting after the next “quick win” — we want to make a lasting impact on the e-commerce industry and usually adopt a 5-year perspective in our decisions and projects.
  • Remote from the ground up – 70-80% of the team works remotely. We’ve deliberately designed the organization around remote work. That said, we do bring the entire team together for a week once a year somewhere interesting in the world. (Last time we snowmobiled glaciers and hunted craft beers on Iceland.)
  • Team of ‘subject matter’ nerds – Everyone geeks out a bit on their work interests. We love that, and once a week someone from the team does a 15min presentation on their latest obsession — whether it’s quasi-quantum-worlds or the proper usage of hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes.
  • Founders engaged in the product – We believe it is essential that those orchestrating the work of the organization are keenly in tune with all aspects of it. The two founders of Baymard have therefore performed every type of task in the organization themselves (from programming to UX testing), and continue to work directly on the product.


Do your values match those? Then apply for this position at info+mq4w5k@baymard.com

How to apply?

Send samples of front-end code and features you’ve implemented or helped implement (please indicate your level of involvement), along with any other information you find relevant to: info+mq4w5k@baymard.com