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This job has been posted a while ago and might no longer be available.

Social Media Manager

How is success defined for this role?


You will wear multiple hats at the same time and your role will be an absolute success if you are able to succeed in all three roles equally:


1. Social Media Manager: Your role will be an absolute success if you handle all of our social media platforms and create awesome posts for them to hit our “awareness targets”.


2. Customer Success: Your role will be an absolute success if our customers & leads are delighted with your support (you over-deliver), you hit Wild Audience support targets and passive-aggressive support tickets make you smile.


3. Executive Assistant: Your role will be an absolute success if you are constantly looking for ways to make Bastian and the entire Wild Audience team more efficient and effective.


Your role will be split into 50/30/20:


  • 50% of your time is spent as a Social Media Manager
  • 30% of your time is spent as a Customer Success Manager
  • 20% of your time is spent as an Executive Assistant




Social Media Manager (50%):


1. You create a social media content pipeline and a publishing schedule and execute daily:

2. Share newest videos created by Bastian and the video team on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

3. Create written posts to promote articles for LinkedIn, Facebook groups and the Facebook page

4. Record behind-the-scenes footage with your smartphone for Instagram & Facebook stories

5. Design social media posts based on the Wild Audience Branding Manual and use tools like Canva, Photoshop and VCVO to design creatives

6. You can come up with creative quotes or copy (text) for posts to tease other content pieces like articles or videos

7. You monitor social media stats & ROI and create a weekly management report to communicate the progress. 

  • You proactively talk with Bastian if you notice that some social media campaigns are not hitting targets and suggest improvement strategies


Customer Success (30%):


1. Support customers & leads on all our platforms

2. You comply with our current response targets

3. Customer Success

  • Identify customers who experience problems so that we can reach out to them before they do

4. Optimize WA’s support system on regular basis

5. Keep on building our public Help Center (FAQ):


Executive Assistant (20%):


1. You are able to handle any type of early stage project and you love that kind of thing

  •  Example early stage projects: Cold outreach to potential partners or pulling together random reports and developing next-step action plans etc

2. Constantly look for ways to make Bastian (CEO) more efficient

3. You embrace new ideas:

  • Your first thought and action with a new idea tends to be “Oh fun!” and not: “Oh boy, another new thing I’ll have to manage”

4. Serve Bastian’s personal and business admin needs like:

  • Filling out forms, mailing books/gifts/personal notes to customers
  • Doing team payments
  • Ordering stuff on Amazon

6. Effectively juggle a large number of tasks and projects. Effectively prioritize and keep Bastian informed so he never wonders if you are dropping the ball or forgetting things


Job Description:


1. This role can be remote or in Barcelona

2. If you work remotely, this role will be full-time with no fixed amount of hours. You design your job & amount of time that is required to achieve the results that are expected from you.

3. If you’re located in Barcelona Spain, this role will be full-time and you will be part of WA’s core team in Barcelona:

  • We do team lunches pretty much every day together at the aticco roof terrace with a 360 view over Barcelona and the ocean. We would love you to bring your own food (either cook it yourself or buy it) and join us at the terrace. We usually talk about surfing, traveling, Wild Audience etc..
  • We would love you to join our weekly Tuesday beach morning fitness (fitness+swimming+meditation)
  • Bastian and the WA team enjoy are very healthy way of living. Bastian likes to do sports 3 times a week and eats completely vegan. It's important to him and the WA culture that you respect these values but they are - of course - completely optional.

4. Bastian checks in with you on a bi-weekly basis where you guys talk about your performance, your challenges & goals. He will coach & help you as much as possible on a personal & professional level

5. You are confident with working remotely and communicating via Zoom Video Rooms, Asana, Google Drive & Slack