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Norwegian/Swedish/Finnish Content Writer

The dream about being able to travel the world is present but yet so far away in many peoples minds. Travel the world sounds thrilling and the butterflies in your stomach go crazy when you think about whitewater rafting in Asia, seeing the pyramids in Egypt, walking on the Great Wall of China or getting lost in the jungle in South Africa.

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Working as a freelance writer gives you the opportunity to live your dreams, and at the same time earn money while doing so. You will be in charge of your own work and you can take on as many tasks as you have the possibility to complete. The most important skills to have when working as a freelance writer is that you:

  • Have excellent spelling and grammar in the language you want to write in
  • Are able to keep deadlines and take your work seriously
  • Knows how to do research to find information, and how to write unique texts about the information you find
  • Quickly understand written instructions and are able to work with them

The job as freelance content writer is 100 % online based and the only equipment you need to get started is a laptop and internet connection!

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