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This job has been posted a while ago and might no longer be available.

Technical Consultant

What we're looking for

In this role, you will be the technical contact for many of our potential customers in the publishing, video and enterprise SaaS sectors in the EU region. You will work with our product and engineering teams to solve technical challenges and integration questions, assist the sales team in replying to requests for information and acquire broad knowledge about our product and the different integration paths - from WordPress, to our REST-y API to our most popular option, the JavaScript "Connector".


Your tasks

  • Architecting effective solutions for our customers’ requests and integration hurdles.
    This can include:
    * Debugging technical issues
    * Testing the product from both a functional and technical perspective
    * Ensuring integration functions as per customers’ requirements and expectations
  • Working closely with sales team in the presales process, including:
    * Responding to requests for information
    * Assisting with presentations
    * Providing answers to technical questions.   
  • Writing clear and concise documentation about technical issues and explaining technical details to non-technical people
  • Collaborating with our Engineering and Product teams to represent customer requirements and needs


About you

  • Fluent in both German and English (written and spoken)
  • Technical pre-sales consulting or technical sales experience
    * Understanding (and healthy skepticism) of sales processes and best practices
    * Ability to navigate the sales process within organizations ranging from small startups to large multinationals
    * Comfortable in a customer-facing position, but also enjoy direct cooperation with software engineers and engineering managers, as well as a user-oriented product team
  • Well-versed in modern software development technologies and practices
    * Solid understanding of "the modern full web stack" to be able to talk to our customers about how LaterPay works, covering topics such as: HTML and CSS, Manipulating the DOM with JavaScript, RESTful Web Services, HTTP requests / methods, XHR, Basic PHP in WordPress & its templating, plugin ecosystem
    * Ideally, you’ve also had some exposure to: React & Redux (because that’s what we use), Version control using Git, Software development in a team using CI
  • Self-motivated and able to drive results without too much management
  • Highly organized, able to handle many threads at once, and keep things moving - you’ll be interacting with many different customers on any given day
  • Entrepreneurial thinking is a big bonus! Our success is your success, you strive to support the sales team and help maintain alignment with the market reality and needs


About us

We at LaterPay are proud to be at the forefront of the digital awakening by pushing for an Internet of choice that empowers both content providers and consumers. We are part of the solution by providing essential tools for the Internet of choice. Our mission is to make it super easy and convenient for users to access content. Providing a running tab for all digital purchases across websites, currencies and platforms, and eliminating upfront registration and payment, is just the beginning.


In our process, when a visitor reaches paid content or services, instead of having to complete a form and hand over a credit card, the user simply agrees to pay later and gets instant access to content. We track the user's content consumption, and after a monetary threshold is reached, we collect payment. By decoupling purchases from payments, LaterPay lowers the entry thresholds for users to consume digital goods. Our partners see a significant uplift in purchase conversions and simplify their billing and collections while offering a better user experience.


How we work

LaterPay has around 50 people spread over 12+ countries in time zones from UTC-8 to UTC+2. We’re a distributed team, though we have offices in Munich (DE) and New York (US).


We care more about the things you do than your presence at a chair at a desk at 9am every day. most of us work Monday - Friday from 9ish UTC to 6ish UTC. For this role, you will also be working closely with merchants operating in the EU.



If this sounds interesting, please apply here: https://laterpay-jobs.personio.de/job/89086 


  • Please submit your CV (English), and
  • in one or two paragraphs, tell us more about how your skill set makes you a great fit for this position (German). 


We will be accepting applications until October 11th, 2018.



€45,000 - 60,000 / year

How to apply?

Apply on our careers site: https://laterpay-jobs.personio.de/job/89086