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This job has been posted a while ago and might no longer be available.

Senior Full Stack Node Developer

The CTO of GLG has approached my team and asked us to find the best development talent that is proficient in React/Angular and NodeJS, and atleast a few other languages like Java (Frontend will only be react or angular) and work on a pool of projects and solve them in their own way. 100% remote. When you come on board you get to know everything about the projects before starting one out of the 16 currently running.

The person they are looking for is someone who fits one of these profiles:

  • Has been a CTO/Head of development of either their own company, or another company, has experience in managing team of developer, has built teams of developers
  • Someone who has worked on projects outside of their work, they are passionate and personally involved with development and programming and have contribution to the open source community.

In return, the developer gets:

  • a fully remote, 100% remote work life
  • Anything between 110K and 170K in salary (based on salary)
  • Chance to work on a pool of projects with professional developers all who are experts in what they do
  • Make the money that a contractor would make but get the benefits of permanent roles such as career progression.
  • Work with developers all over the world so no matter what time zone you're in, there will always be developers working on projects.

It's basically an opportunity that will take your career to the next stage.