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Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll act as the project manager for the successful onboarding of accounts. Tasked with getting general or strategic questions answered for new customers you’ll collaborate with technical support, sales, and engineering (when appropriate).

We don’t need you to be an expert at marketing - but rather, an expert at getting questions answered and influencing the customer to make progress and move through blockers. You won't necessarily be a "data expert", but will be keen to get a good understanding of our app so that you can take a use case and leverage our features to make your customer successful.

You’ll be working with our customers who opt into an onboarding plan with us and closing their renewal or upgrade plans when the time comes. Day-to-day tasks will include things like:

  • Transition calls with sales/CS/key stakeholders to outline the general onboarding plan and timetable,
  • Conversations with customers to unearth reasons why messaging matters to them and help them plan, implement and follow through with their messaging goals,
  • Planning and organization of the data customers will send to their Customer.io account, and how they’ll use it to power effective campaigns and newsletters,
  • Being your customer’s first point of contact to provide them with dedicated support and initial troubleshooting. We don’t expect you to know all of the answers, but you will gather information and help from TS, Product, and Engineering to solve problems,
  • Following up with customers ~1x/quarter after the onboarding process is complete,
  • Assessing the customer’s plan for growth, and keeping them on a good path to renewing the agreement with us each year.

About you:

  • You’re curious and enjoy learning about different businesses and industries,
  • You’ve got a thirst for knowledge, and are keen to get a good understanding of our app,
  • Creative problem solver who can understand the customer problem and find the best solution regardless of what the customer is asking for,
    • We often find ourselves in situations like this: A customer has done a wonky data integration with Customer.io. They want to create a complex, time-sensitive campaign but their engineers are unavailable to make the data easier to use. How do you help them?
  • You’re calm under stress and not easily rattled,
  • You enjoy solving problems independently, but aren’t afraid to ask for help or collaboration when you need to.

What have you done before this?

  • You’ve worked in a company doing customer success,
  • You have a background in SaaS,
  • You have experience as a software developer / deep experience working with software developers in a technical capacity,
  • You’re opinionated about customer experience for a business and in general. In order to give strategic advice to customers, you should have well formed opinions!
  • Bonus points: You’ve been responsible for designing lifecycle messages,
  • Extra consideration will be given to applicants in Europe that can manage our clients in multiple time zones. And if you are a fluent or native Spanish speaker, you’ll really stand out to us!

The Company

Our mission at Customer.io is to power automated communication that people like to receive. Today over 1200 internet businesses use Customer.io to manage, send, and track performance of email, SMSes and push notifications. Unlike typical marketing platforms, Customer.io helps business increase relevance by using behavior data: what people do or don’t do when logged in to a web or mobile app.


Why should you work with Customer.io?

We are offering a starting salary between $60,000 - 80,000 USD depending on experience. Check out our career's page for more information on our great benefits and why you should come work with us!

Diversity statement

At Customer.io, we’re committed to building a diverse environment and encourage applicants from underrepresented groups. We want people with different backgrounds from the team we have today to bring their perspective and thoughtfulness to the work that we do and the culture we foster.

How to apply?

Apply online: https://grnh.se/a6ad18451
Make sure you tell us why you’re interested in the position! In your cover letter, be sure to tell us what the last book you read was.