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This job has been posted a while ago and might no longer be available.

Software Engineer

Fully remote since the start in 2009, so we're pretty good at this style of working, by now.

We're hiring 4-10 developers at a range of experience levels, between now & early 2020.

You should live within 3 hours of the UK timezone, and within 5 hours flight/train to London; we meet there for a few days, 6 times a year.

Solid Java experience is important; beyond that, we're interested to see what expertise you can bring us.

Responsibilities vary based on your experience and interests/direction, but generally you'll:

  • Code new features and tests; refactor/migrate legacy code; dig into devops (Docker) or data (PostgreSQL, Pulsar)
  • Help expand/refine our web application (mid-migration Struts to Angular + REST) and integrations (REST, HL7, others)
  • Work on a 5-8 person team with a product expert and devs with diverse experience & focuses. Learn from & mentor others.
  • Meet up in London for 3 days, every 2 months; brainstorm, help us refine our direction, and focus with your team... plus spend a day in person with the rest of the company and the big picture.

We seem to hire a lot of developers who:

  • were enjoying their previous job, but were starting families or otherwise refocusing their lives, and sought a more humane balance
  • are keen to find interesting work that would also genuinely make the world a better place, not just convince more people to buy more things, or extract as much value as possible from a new niche market

Let us know if this sounds familiar. :)

How to apply?

Our Hiring Process, after the initial application:

Step 1: Phone interview (1 - 1.5 hours): mutual introductions, learn about us, discuss experience & overlap
Step 2: Thought exercise (email; about an hour); learn about our data security and show how you think
Step 3: Micro work sample (3 - 4 hours) flexible timing, support on Slack
Step 4: Work sample follow-up call (30 - 40 minutes)
Step 5: Call with our CEO, reference checks & offer