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This job has been posted a while ago and might no longer be available.

Head Of Marketing

About the position

We have been growing organically so far. However, as we mature we are looking forward to hire our first true marketing person. Because of our size and the nature of our team and business, this isn't your traditional "marketing" role with writing a few posts for facebook :) It would probably be better characterized as an "entrepreneur in residence". We are looking for someone ready to gain an immense level of experience and ready and happy to pull sleeves up and start doing the hard work. You will not have a marketing team to rely on, so your job is not to manage — is to strategize and execute. We consider this to be a key hire for us in 2019/2020 so we're looking for the right candidate. Experience in a previous agency or software house, in whatever capacity is very much appreciated. 

You are someone who is a go-getter, pride yourself in getting things done. You are KPI-driven but don't let that push away your creativity. You are fine with not working with a 1.000.000 USD marketing budget because you know that with your skills, our vision and the whole team input you can make IMMENSE progress with 1.000 USD (that won't be your full marketing budget though, no worries!). 

You will work very closely with our CEO and our Head of Operations in crafting a marketing strategy that is focused on fast experimentation, innovative "attention-grabbing" ideas (we got a few!) and implementation that brings results and then you WILL implement it — with the help of freelancers and our own internal team. 

Proficiency (spoken and written) in english is mandatory for this position. 

Please note we understand this position is NOT for everyone. If you are expecting a big salary, established processes, big marketing dollars or a whole team at your disposal this is likely not for you. 

Position's responsibilities are:

  • Understand our vision, values, positioning and work alongside the leadership team to establish our "marketing plan";
  • Work with relevant stakeholders to ensure our communication is consistent, high quality and targeted at goals;
  • Maintain and update our website (including its upcoming "Blog" and "Learn" sections);
  • Create landing pages based on existing designs and copy; 
  • Manage an internal and external "part-time" team to execute all tasks where you can't (or don't have the time to) get it done;
  • Create, run, adapt and optimize advertisement across channels (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn);
  • Identify and execute on communication/marketing opportunities, including potential PR, conference attendance and more
  • Work with team to establish ColorElephant as a thought-leader; 
  • Work with stakeholders to draft case-studies;
  • Work with stakeholders to understand our marketing ideas and then create a plan and follow through with its execution;
  • Identify opportunities for visibility; 
  • Énsure liaison with sales so our efforts are ROI-driven; 
  • Manage our marketing spending and budgets.
  • Create a schedule for social media content and maintain our presence on social networks, review sites and other mediums ensuring brand presence and consistency;
  • Ensure consistency of our communication and branding across channels; 
  • .... yeah, we didn't say it was easy. 


Head of Marketing requirements are:

  • At least 2 years of experience in marketing or communications (OR experience that qualifies as such); 
  • Experience in an agency or software house is preferred but not mandatory; 
  • Experience with software development is very much preferred, specially if mobile or web; 
  • Fluent in english (spoken and written); 
  • Ability to work from or travel to Portugal and other parts of Europe is not a requirement, but strongly preferred; 
  • Familiarity with Content Management systems such as WordPress;
  • Experience with online advertisement (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc); 
  • Smart, can think on his/her feet; 
  • Able to multitask;
  • Able to strive in competitive, high growth, less organized environments; 
  • Ability to think through the perspective of a potential user/buyer/client;
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Communication and team management skills
  • All of these things people ask for: motivated, focused, hard-worker that likes to grow and learn more, that works well with others and has a positive attitude;

Our Offer

  • A growth company where you can take a leading and future-shaping role;
  • Autonomy and ownership over decisions and work; 
  • Industry exposure through company-sponsored activities; 
  • Exposure to a unique team and key stakeholders within the company with a lot of experience in the digital space; 
  • Work from anywhere with our remote policy. We know sometimes the best work is done in the beach (or mountain, or... ) :-) 
  • Competitive Salary for position and location;
  • Health Plan and/or Deductions
  • Flexible vacation/days off policy
  • Training / Self-Development Yearly Package
  • Yearly Bonuses Program
  • Paid parental leave / Flexible conditions on return
  • Continuous Training (both on site and online)
  • Attend Annual Company retreat abroad
  • Plenty of Growth Opportunities
  • A lot of ownership on projects working in key areas or full projects; 
  • The opportunity to join an unique and growing company with a 200% growth record for the past 3 years;
  • Contribute with your suggestions and see your feedback and opinion impact products used by millions worldwide
  • A growing team full of talent